Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday, September 19th

Hello everyone.  It has certainly been a trying time for education in British Columbia and tested the tolerance levels of all involved.  The support and patience demonstrated by Hawthorne's parents has been noticed and greatly appreciated.  Within our school community,  I am certain that people could find merit with the arguments presented by both sides of this dispute. Regardless of your opinion on the protracted negotiations,  I hope we are all united by the desire to make this upcoming year the best it can be for our students.  

I take great pride in working alongside Hawthorne’s staff. They are a caring and industrious group that is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students. Our work begins on Monday, September 22nd from 8:55am - NOON.   The balance of the week will begin at 8:55am with a 3pm dismissal.

Please note the following procedures for our first day of school:
  • NEW students are asked to report to the gymnasium (through the front office door) after the first bell at 8:50am
  • RETURNING students should line up outside the door for last year's classroom
  • KINDERGARTEN students should report to the multi-purpose room at 9:30am.  This room can be accessed through the front office door.  More information on "gradual entry" will be provided at that time
  • ALL students will be dismissed at NOON from the same door that they entered to begin the day
Typically a new school year at Hawthorne sees students return to their previous year's classroom for the first day before joining their new teacher the following day.  Please note that this process will likely be delayed next week due to some uncertainty about timing, enrolment and capacity in our building.  We will be sending out further details early next week.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  In the meantime,  please review the criteria that is considered when planning classes:

- Learning styles and strengths
What the child can do in relation to the program
- Degree of independence in work habits
- Social and personal needs
- Age and physical maturity
- Previous year's placement
- Previous teacher's input
- Parent input / requests
- Establishing a balanced group academically
- Male/Female balance
- Friendship groupings
- Equalizing class size
- Siblings/Twins
- Special needs
- Medical needs

Hawthorne will be hosting a Terry Fox Run on Friday, September 26th at 2pm.  We will begin with an assembly followed by a 20 minute run and refreshments.  We are encouraging parents to join us if available and take the opportunity to meet their child's teacher.   Donations for the Terry Fox Foundation will be collected from Thursday, September 25th - Friday, October 3rd.  Thank you in advance for your support.