Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wednesday, June 24th

We have just completed another great year at Hawthorne.  It was a unique year, particularly with the late start,  but our school community was able to overcome the extra challenges.  Our staff and students worked hard to keep up with the curriculum and maintain an engaging learning environment.  our parent community continues to support our efforts at school and at home.  The PAC was incredibly supportive of the school and provided us with some great events.  The success of this year's Spring Fair was an impressive example of this school community coming together to share in some fun and support the school. This year also saw our students and staff involved with:  camp, skiing, band, yoga, track, acting classes, DEAR day, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, creating a school song, choosing a new school logo/uniforms, spirit days, assemblies and countless field trips.

While the activities mentioned above tend to highlight this year at Hawthorne, it is the daily interactions that combine to make this such a great place to be.  There is a positive, welcoming spirit at Hawthorne that is strongest in the face of adversity.  I am very grateful to be working with supportive parents, dedicated teachers and hardworking, respectful students.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and good luck to those staff members or families moving to new schools next year.

M. Carruthers

We would like to acknowledge a number of staff members who will not be returning to Hawthorne next year.  We are grateful for their contributions to the school and support of student learning.  Good luck in your new positions!

Teaching staff:   Ms. Glover, Ms. Grewal, Mr. Waymouth, Ms. Rowa, Mr. Coghlan, Ms. Holliday, Ms. von Schulmann, Ms. Selles, Ms. Sasges, Ms. Swenson, Ms. Dube, Ms. Young

Teaching assistants:  Ms. Herd, Ms. Giesbrecht, Ms. Reme, Ms. Grice

Please note the following points with regard to our September start-up plans:
  • The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8th  from  9am – noon.
  • Kindergarten students will be working on a graduated entry as per the letter those parents will receive in the summer
  • Students will be returning to their 2014-2015 classrooms for the first day
  • New students will report to the gymnasium 
We have also posted our calendar and school supply list on our website (  Feel free to contact Mr. Carruthers ( over the summer if you should have any further questions.

We would like to congratulate our very own Mrs. Robinson who received a "Teacher of the Year" award from Breakfast TV.  She was nominated by the Salikin family and the results were televised live.  Well done Mrs. Robinson. Fully deserving and appreciated after a particularly challenging year!  You can view the video here:

As our school year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to send out a message to you all.  Six months ago, during the Christmas season, we lost our home to a terrible fire.  Our family was devastated by the loss of everything we had accumulated over the years and it has taken us time to heal from the shock and sadness of it all.

So many of you from our Hawthorne community offered your kindness, generosity and support.  We were overwhelmed with your reaction to our situation and are forever grateful.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your understanding.  As our home is being rebuilt, we are comforted in knowing that we are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place, surrounded by so many wonderful people!


Mrs. Jamie Robinson and Family

These guidelines seek to find some common ground on the issue of homework at Hawthorne. This is  still a draft and we will confirm the guidelines in September. There will no doubt be some exceptions to these guidelines but they represent the ideal that we will strive for.  

Homework should…
-       reinforce taught skills and review material covered
-       foster time management skills
-       be a reasonable amount of time considering a student’s learning needs
-       not be every day with the exception of reading/spelling programs
-       support review of basic concepts
-       consist of unfinished classroom work
-       involve preparing for tests

Students should…
-       ensure that they have the materials required for home and understand the assignment criteria
-       complete work to the best of their ability
-       use the planner/communication book to keep parents informed
-       use time effectively and avoid distractions at home
-       review material covered in preparation for assessment
-       read every day (independently or with an adult)

Parents should…
-       show an interest in their child’s work
-       support  their child’s learning without doing the work
-       foster time management skills
-       create a quiet work space and establish homework routines
-       read regularly with their child
-       monitor assignments using the planner / communication book
-       review assignment criteria from teacher
-       advise the classroom teacher if homework is becoming overwhelming

Teachers should…
-       ensure that the work is important for learning
-       provide feedback on the homework when needed
-       use the planner / communication book to record tasks
-       provide written criteria / instructions for take home assignments
-       provide substantial notice with regard to projects
-       avoid, whenever possible, assigning homework for long weekends and holiday breaks
-       provide clear expectations and work that students can complete independently
-       check that the homework was completed

This summer, the Delta School District is hosting our first ever Maker Camps!  Designed for Delta School District students, these two week-long summer camps will feature the emerging technologies powering the “Maker Movement”, including drones, Minecraft, Arduinos, robotics, 3D Printing and Laser Cutting fabrication, wearable technology, and the sensors and micro-controllers of the Internet of Things.

Junior Camp:

For Students Aged 8-12
Aug 24 – 28

Senior Camp:
For Students Aged 13-17
Aug 31 – Sept 4

Costs for the each week-long camp: $275  For more information and registration, please visit: .

Ms. Bohmert is in need of volunteers who can help water the garden during what is expected to be a very hot and dry summer. If you are able to assist, please contact her directly at
Once again, starting  Thursday, October 15th 2015, an extra-curricular band program
will be offered to interested children, Grades 4 and up. The program is taught by Curt Jantzen and Margaret Behenna.  A BEGINNER CLASS will be offered at the following time if there is sufficient enrolment. This will be held at Hawthorne Elementary 3:15-4:15 p.m. Thursdays. This beginner program is for children in Grade 4 or older with no previous band experience.  ADVANCED BAND will once again be offered at the following time and location: Hawthorne Elementary 4:30-5:30 p.m. Thursdays.  The Advanced Band is open to children Grades 5 and up who have one year or more previous experience.  This is an enrichment opportunity for children in Grade 5 and older.

Tuition fee for the Extra Curricular Band Program is $295.  There is also instrument rental costs.  Mr Jantzen and Mrs Behenna will explain and demonstrate the program during assemblies at each of the Ladner elementary schools in the week before Thanksgiving.  For enquiries, please email Margaret Behenna at or Curt Jantzen at


Thursday, June 25th

Last Day of School
10:30am Dismissal

Tuesday, September 8th
School Re-Opens
12:03pm Dismissal

Friday, September 18th
Terry Fox Run

Friday, September 25th
Professional Day
School Closed