Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday, September 17th

As we approach the end of our second week, most of our programs are now up and running.  I would like to thank you parents, students and staff for making the return to school so successful.There is always a substantial amount of positive energy to be found in September and Hawthorne is off to a great start.  We are excited about the year ahead and plan to keep parents informed via our blog and website. Please note that Hawthorne will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, September 24 from 6:30-7:30pm.  We hope that you can join us and participate in a family scavenger hunt.  There will be more details sent out soon.

We are pleased to announce that a number of new staff members have joined our school community.  Please join us in welcoming:

Mr. Haydon, School Counsellor
Ms. Swenson, Grade 4 Teacher
Ms. Sundaran, Grade 2 Teacher
Ms. Bains, Grade 5 Teacher
Ms. Rennie, Learning Support Teacher
Mr. Neufeld, Learning Support Teacher
Ms. Corrigal, Learning Support Teacher

Parents are invited to join us for our Terry Fox Run scheduled for Friday, September 18th at 2:15pm. We will first be gathering with all of our students in the gymnasium and then head out for a run on Hawthorne's fields. We will be collecting "Toonies for Terry" until Thursday, September 24th and any support would be greatly appreciated.

Many families have already received a letter advising them that a student in their child's classroom has a life-threatening allergy.  These allergies vary from student to student and it is important that all of us at Hawthorne work to ensure a safe learning environment for every child.  Aside from some food restrictions we are also asking that dogs are brought to the school with extra care.  We have students who are severely allergic to canines and it is important that pets are secured on a leash and kept well away from entrances to the school building so that  everyone feels safe. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.  

International "Walk to School" Month is coming up in October and we are encouraging all students to walk, ride or roll to school as much as possible this year.  Walking to school has very clear health benefits, is better for the environment and creates a safer space for our school community.  We hope that you can support this initiative and continue to do so for the balance of the school year.

As students adjust to the routines and expectations of the new school year, they do not always pay attention to the safety rules when they walk to and from the school. Please take some time to discuss safety rules with your child(ren) and please drive carefully.  As you are aware, we are very concerned about the safety of our students during the peak periods of drop-off and pick-up in our school driveway.  The capacity of our driveway is not sufficient to accommodate the growing numbers of vehicles that use it for drop-off, pick-up, and visitor parking. In order to improve safety for our students and other pedestrians at school, and to increase the traffic flow in the roundabout, we are asking all drivers of vehicles including daycare, to observe the “Drop-off – Pick up” rules. These have been discussed by The Delta Police and Traffic Engineers from the Corporation of Delta. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We will monitor this and make the necessary changes where needed.


  • The curved lane in front of the school has been designated for "drop-off and pick-up" only.  This is a FIRE LANE and there is NO PARKING ALLOWED, however, we are allowing only drop-off, pick-up and exiting.  Do not leave your vehicle unattended, including Daycare providers.
  • Enter the “Drop-off – Pick- up” lane and proceed forward as far as possible to the next car ahead so that other cars can enter the lane.
  • Do not leave your vehicle (NO PARKING), as this blocks others from exiting.
  • Keep your place in the line up. Do not cut in front of another vehicle.
  • Please do not idle your car
  • When driving, please do not use your cell phone
  • Follow the correct flow of traffic indicated by the arrows on the road.
  • Children should use the passenger side car doors that open to the sidewalk.
Our parking lot is restricted to staff for 30 minutes before and after school. The existing parking stalls are needed for school staff as well as district staff who arrive and leave our school at different times throughout the day. If possible, please consider having your child(ren) walk to school or walk to school with them. We will continue to participate in initiatives and events that promote walking to school, teach environmental responsibility and reduce car dependency.  Please watch for an announcement, regarding our first “Walk to School” event.  

As with previous years, newsletters, school bulletins and PAC notices, will be posted on the Hawthorne website.  You can access the website by going to  There are also many other interesting and helpful links on the site for both parents and students. This is our fourth year with the Parent Connect program and it should be familiar to most of you.  For those who are new to the school,  please see the attached letter for more details.  Please make sure to sign in to Parent Connect, make the changes and then sign off on the forms before exiting the program.  Thank you in advance for taking care of these items.

For those families interested in purchasing insurance for the school year, you can visit for more information or you can pick up an application at the office.

There are four important issues to consider as you try to determine if your child is too ill to attend school:
  1. The protection of your child.  Their recovery could be delayed and their resistance to other illnesses reduced if they are unable to rest and recover in their home environment.
  2. The ability of your child to function and learn at school.
  3. The inability of the school to meet the emotional and physical needs of a sick child.
  4. The protection of other children.
Please keep your child home if he/she:
  • Has symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, sneezing, etc.  If these symptoms do not clear up within a reasonable time, please see your family doctor.
  • Has a fever.
  • Is too sick to participate in all normal school activities.
  • Has a suspected or known communicable disease (i.e. strep throat, pink eye, chicken pox or any other undiagnosed rash).  Keep them home until they are no longer infectious.
  • Students who have vomited at home or school should remain at home until they are symptom free(48 hours is recommended).
  • If your child has exhibited symptoms of the H1N1 virus, they should be staying home for 5-7 days until they are able to return to day to day activities.
Should the school find it necessary to send your child home because of illness, please make sure you have made alternate arrangements when you are not available.  Please inform the school of these arrangements.

Once again, starting, Thursday, Oct 15, an extra-curricular band program will be offered to all Ladner children taught by Curt Jantzen and Margaret Behenna.  Beginner classes will be offered at the following times if there is sufficient enrollment:

Hawthorne Elementary           3:15-4:15 p.m.             Thursdays

This beginner program is mainly for children in Grades 4 & 5 but any child in Grades 4 and up interested in learning a band instrument can participate. As well, Advanced Band, will once again be offered.  This program is for any student with one year or more of Band experience.  The Advanced Band will take place at Hawthorne Elementary on Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m., also starting Thursday, October 15. The Advanced Band typically has children in Grades 5 – 8 who are looking for an enrichment experience in instrumental music.

Tuition for the year is $295 payable at or before the first class. Mr. Jantzen and Mrs. Behenna will visit your child’s school earlier in October.  They will demonstrate all the instruments that are taught in the program and will hand out registration information.  Children need to provide their own instrument and these are available for rent from major Lower Mainland Music companies at a very reasonable rate.   

If you wish further information prior to October, please contact Mrs Behenna (604 946 7304 / ) or Mr Jantzen (604 946 7304 / )
 For further information, please contact: 
Curt Jantzen                          604 946 2309
Margaret Behenna              604 946 7304


Friday, September 18th
Terry Fox Run

Thursday, September 24th
Open House

Friday, September 25th
Professional Day
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Monday, Sept. 28
PAC Meeting

Friday, Oct. 2
Individual Student Photos

Wednesday, Oct. 7th
Safer School Presentation for Parents

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Monthly Assembly