Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday, May 12

Congratulations to all of our staff and students who enjoyed a very successful regional track meet on Tuesday, May 10. Hawthorne was represented by over 100 intermediate students and 8 staff members.  It was a very proud day for our school and over 70 students qualified for the district track meet scheduled for May 19 at South Delta Secondary.   You can view the entire list of qualifiers at the bottom of this blog entry.  Go Hawks!

Please contact Mrs. Page at the office ( if your family is considering a change of schools next year.  This information is an important part of our planning for the 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

In the coming weeks, our teaching staff will be meeting to create tentative class lists for next year.  The classes will be determined by considering the following factors:
  • Learning styles and strengths
  • What the child can do in relation to the program
  • Degree of independence in work habits
  • Social and personal needs
  • Age and physical maturity
  • Previous year's placement
  • Previous teacher's input
  • Parent input / requests
  • Establishing a balanced group academically
  • Male/Female balance
  • Friendship groupings
  • Equalizing class size
  • Siblings/Twins
  • Special needs
  • Medical needs
If you have some information that you would like to include in this process,  please forward a note to Mr. Carruthers at the office or correspond via email at We would only ask that you please refrain from making a "teacher" request and focus on what you believe to be the best learning environment for your child.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this.

Your Hawthorne staff would like to thank parents for all that they do to support the school throughout the year.  With this in mind,  we are hosting a Parent Volunteer Tea on Tuesday, May 24 from 2-3pm in the library.  Please come and join the Hawthorne Staff for a refreshment.  As this is an adult only function, if you require childcare in the multipurpose room, please let your child’s teacher know. Please RSVP (via your child’s Planner) by May 16.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Thursday, May 19
District Track Meet
South Delta Secondary

Friday, May 20
Professional Day
School Closed

Monday, May 23
Victoria Day
School Closed

Friday, May 27
Kindergarten 2016-2017 Orientation
Sessions: 9am / 10am / 11am

Tuesday, May 31
PAC Meeting
6:30pm Library

Friday, June 3
Sports Day
2:15pm dismissal (approx.)

Monday, June 6
Sports Day Back-up (weather delayed)

Friday, June 10
Monthly Assembly


Grade 4 Qualifiers:

1.     Sophia Hancock                     Softball Throw, 60 m Shuttle, 60m
2.     Casey Kitagawa                     Softball Throw, 60m Shuttle
3.     Aza Fernandes                       60m Shuttle
4.     Alexis Valle                           60m Shuttle
5.     Erin Wingham                        60m , Mixed relay
6.     Gracie Bagnall-Dubras          100m, 4x100
7.     Abby White                            600m, 4x100
8.     Tia Williams                          100m, 1x100
9.     Laila Nissen                           Mixed Relay
10. Alex Halkett                           4x100

1.     Liam Froude                          Long jump,, 600m, 4x100
2.     Helix Hunter                          Long jump, 60m Shuttle
3.     Mattais Ljungberg                 60m , 4x100
4.     Karsten Sparkes                    60m, 4x100
5.     Nick Regalado                       4x100
6.     Tavin Fletcher                       60m Shuttle
7.     Ryley Ferguson                     60m Shuttle
8.     Jacob Frank                           60m Shuttle
9.     Kai Stewart                            Mixed Relay
10. Yusuf Tutuncu                        Mixed Relay

Grade 5 Qualifiers

1.     Kaity Morris                          Long jump, 600m, Mixed Relay, 100m
2.     Athena Boufeas                     60m shuttle
3.     Skye Butcher                         60m shuttle
4.     Sophia Lawton                      60m shuttle
5.     Ava Manzur                           60m shuttle
6.     Taylor Butcher                       60m shuttle
7.     Jessica Khuu                          60m shuttle
8.     Yooie Mak                             60m shuttle
9.     Holly Read                            60m shuttle
10. Annise Gill                            Mixed relay, 200m
11. Alyssa Aulik                          200m

1.     Matthew Fischer                   softball throw, 4x100 relay
2.     Aidan Lockhart                     mixed relay
3.     Hayden Reid                         mixed relay
4.     Lucas Claybo                        4x100 relay, long jump
5.     Charlie Mulleny                    long jump, 200m,
6.     Turner Broad                         60m shuttle
7.     Jacob Jones                           60m shuttle
8.     Finn Maxwell                        60m shuttle
9.     Param Summal                      60m shuttle
10. Colton Mclean                       4x100 relay

Grade 6 Qualifiers

1.     Mackenzie Gray                   Long jump, Medley relay, 300m, 200m
2.     Lauren Amundsen                Medley relay
3.     Desiree Berry-Tilley             Medley relay
4.     Lexi Froude                          Medley relay
5.     Keily Hutt                             200m, 4x100 relay
6.     Gabby Valle                          Mixed relay
7.     Aishwariya Sharma              Mixed relay
8.     Keira Maclellan                    4x100 relay
9.     Brianna Barnes                     4x100 relay
10. Kaitlyn Kitagawa                  4x100 relay

1.     Michael Norcott                    Long Jump, Medley Relay
2.     Caden Pacaud                        Long  Jump, 300m, 800m, Medley Relay
3.     Sebastian Saddul                   100m, 4x100 relay
4.     Tye Hemenway                     800m, Medley Relay
5.     Ryan Begg                             Mixed Relay
6.     Mantaj Dhah                          Mixed Relay
7.     Davis Granum                       4x100 relay
8.     Cameron Ferguson                4x100 relay
9.     Jeremy Napilot                      4x100 relay
10. Ryan Retallick                       Medley Relay

Grade 7 Qualifiers

1.     Isabel Peters                          Long Jump, 4x100 relay
2.     Sara Wigglesworth                Mixed Relay
3.     Morgan Regalado                  Mixed Relay
4.     Tiffany Leung                        4x100 relay
5.     Abby Malesku                       4x100 relay
6.     Jensyn Bourne                       4x100 relay, 200m?

1.     Jackson Perra                         Medley Relay
2.     Jackson Lawton                     Medley Relay
3.     Tyler Bryce                            Medley Relay
4.     Harvir Panesar                       Medley Relay, 100m, 300m,200m
5.     Logan Turick                         Mixed Relay
6.     Keagan Denman                    Mixed Relay