Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November 20, 2013

The devastating typhoon that recently hit The Philippines resulted in thousands of deaths and left towns in ruins. The stories are heartbreaking, with so many people now in desperate need of food, water and shelter. Donations in support of the relief effort can be made online at:

Further to last week's correspondence, we are pleased to announce that Hawthorne will be hosting its annual Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 12th.  There will be two shows (1:30pm and 6:30pm) and a reply form will be sent home next week so that parents can indicate which show their family plans to attend.  Please keep in mind that due to our gym's capacity,  families will only be able to attend one of the shows and we will be restricting families to 2 tickets for the evening show or 4 tickets for the afternoon performance.  We look forward to what should be a fun day of holiday cheer.

We will be collecting food and toys for Deltassist beginning on Monday, December 2nd until Friday December 13th.  We are asking for new, unwrapped toys and non-perishable food items to support Delta families in need. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

A group of grade five girls (Michaela Fischer, Maggie Rennert, Shelby Bains, Sophia Kessler, Kara Kovalick and Ava Da Silva) decided that they wanted to make a difference in this world and support "Kids With Cancer and Blood Disorders". With this in mind they will be selling Rainbow Loom bracelets on Wednesday, November 27th and then donating all proceeds.  The bracelets will come in a variety of sizes and colours with each selling for $1.  Thank you in advance for any support  you can provide and thank you to these girls for trying to make a difference!

Hawthorne hosted its Remembrance Day service on Friday, November 8th at 11am.  The program included presentations by a variety of classes as well as some thoughtful reflections from some of our grade 7 students.  We also had two students, Saje Hunter and Ashley Johnston, who represented Hawthorne at Ladner's service on November 11th.   They can be seen walking towards the cenotaph in the picture below.

Each year at this time, we notice an increase in tardiness and we are asking for parents to help us resolve this issue.  Chronic tardiness impacts the learning of not just the student who is late but also the classroom that is interrupted on a regular basis to accommodate a child who is late in arriving.  Your attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated and we are thankful for the vast majority of students who at school and ready to learn at 8:55am.

We are near the end of our volleyball season for the grade 6 and 7 teams.  Both teams are participating in final tournaments this week to cap off successful seasons.  Congratulations to the students for their success on the court and to the coaches (Mrs. Pipe, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Holliday, Mrs. Mack) for all of their work in preparing our students.  Way to go Hawthorne!
Head lice is a persistent problem in the Ladner community and it requires diligence to eradicate.  This year we have sent home a number of letters with student who had a case of lice discovered in their classroom.  We are asking that all parents at Hawthorne commit to conducting regular lice checks and follow up with the appropriate procedures if necessary.  For more information,  you can click on the following link: . 

SNOW PASSES: Grade 4 and 5
The snow is beginning to fall and winter is just around the corner. Get a Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass for your nine and ten year olds  and get them out on the slopes this winter! Pick up a SnowPass for your 4th or 5th grader and save this winter. Snowstorms are already starting to hit parts of Canada and with all this snow comes all sorts of fun! Don't let your kids spend the winter indoors, get them out and active; try skiing and snowboarding this winter with the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass.

Your kids have never skied or snowboarded before? No problem! With all the snow we are expecting this season, it's the perfect time to get them started. The Canadian Ski Council has everything you need to make it easy and affordable for your children to learn. Just register for a Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass for your child and receive three free lift tickets at each and every participating ski area, all across Canada. With over 150 locations participating in the program, there are hundreds of opportunities for your kids to ski and snowboard this winter!

Registering your child for a SnowPass is easy and open to any child in grade 4 or 5 (born in 2003 or 2004). Application forms are being distributed at most elementary schools across Canada and can also be found online at: Online registration is fast and easy, just visit, upload your child's picture and proof of age, enter your method of payment and presto, your child's personalized SnowPass will me mailed directly to your home in days.

The Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass is a national program and is valid at over 150 ski areas across Canada including 32 ski areas in British Columbia, 19 ski areas in Alberta, 1 ski area in Saskatchewan, 2 ski areas in Manitoba, 33 ski areas in Ontario, 57 ski areas in Quebec, 8 in Atlantic Canada and 1 in the Yukon.  With ski areas participating across Canada, families will not have to travel far to put the SnowPass to use. Kids can easily track how many lift passes they have left by visiting

No matter where you live, everyone can take advantage of this fantastic offer. The only cost is a small administration/postage fee of $29.95 including taxes.

If this is your child's first time skiing or snowboarding, the Canadian Ski Council has it covered.  Sign up for a Discover Learn to Ski or Snowboard lesson package, which includes a lesson with a certified ski or snowboard instructor, lift ticket and equipment rental, all for a very low price. Check out for a full list of ski areas that offer Discover lesson packages and their package prices.

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For more information on the Grade 4 and 5 SnowPass program, contact the Canadian Ski Council, tel: 705-445-9140, e-mail:, web:

The Canadian Ski Council is a national, not-for-profit ski and snowboard organization whose mandate is to increase participation in recreational skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing in Canada. The Canadian Ski Council was founded in 1977.